Cairo Urban Tours (CUT)

CUT -- Cairo Urban Tours -- explore areas, initiatives and pioneer projects in different parts of the city, featuring itineraries through Cairo’s typical urban conditions: the deteriorating urban core, encroaching informal areas, and expanding desert cities. Unveiling the characteristics and features of these areas, as well as engaging active institutions and community-based organizations within, these tours highlight some of Cairo’s most pressing urban issues and the priorities of local communities. Within the context of the Egypt Urban Forum, these tours seek to enrich and ground the urban discourse and academic concepts in local practice and everyday experience. The CUT tours seek to provide a framework for discussion of current urban policies, and point towards more responsive programs and effective projects. Designed and organized by CLUSTER (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research), the CUT tours feature six distinct itineraries: Downtown, Islamic Cairo, Izbat Khayrallah, Ard al-Liwa, 6th of October City and New Cairo.