Pilot Project
Kodak Passageway
Superblock: F. Sharif Superblock
Started: Sep 2014
Inaugurated: Jan 2015

Once a dead-end service alleyway, Kodak Passageway was transformed into a pedestrian path connecting Adli and Abd al-Khaliq Tharwat Streets during the 1990s, at the same time al-Bursa district and al-Alfi Street were pedestrianized. A Kodak store, labs, garage and warehouse occupied the west side, and a branch of the once-popular Brazilian Coffee Stores chain was on the east side, and remains there today, although shuttered.


Surrounded nearby by a number of emerging art, film and design spaces (CIC, Cimatheque, and CLUSTER), the Kodak Passageway was identified by CLUSTER as an opportunity to create a pop-up gallery space, that might serve as a catalyst for urban redevelopment and revitalization of surrounding buildings, shops and passageways.


In 2015 CLUSTER inaugurated a re-design of the public space of the passageway itself. Today, this ‘Green Oasis’ offers a landscaped, peaceful refuge featuring the revival of original 1930’s art deco light fixtures and a custom designed walkway.

Project credits:

Design and Implementation: CLUSTER* (Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training, and Environmental Research)

Concept: Yasmin Elayat, Bianca M. Hermansen, Manar Moursi

Civil Engineering Supervision: Eng. Atef Bassily

Softscape Consultant: Heba Farid

Hardscape Consultant: Nature for Landscape

Horticulture Consultant: Eng. Salah Saafan

Hardscape Contractor: Protex

Softscape Contractor: Green for Agricultural Projects

Signage: Something Fantastic

Supported by: DEDI (the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute) and CKU (the Centre for Culture and Development in Copenhagen)

Additional support: Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment, Sarwat Abd El-Shahid Law Firm, Babel Shoes


Thanks to: Ahmed Ashmawy, Amin Abu Elenein, Girgis Abd El-Shahid, Sarwat Abd El-Shahid, Abdalziz Elgammal, Rafaat Elbagoury, Sarwat Elbagoury, Karim El Shafei, Ahmed Helmi, Khaled Al-Khamissi, Chris Mikaelian, Hratch “Mike” Mike Mikaelian


Special thanks to: Cairo Governorate Office of the Deputy

Governor, Abdeen District


*CLUSTER team:

Omar Nagati and Beth Stryker, Principals

CLUSTER staff: Ahmad Kadry, Eman Elhoufy, Hanaa Gad, Miran Mohamed, Mohamed Rafik, Noha Darwish, Randah El-Hakim, Salma Nassar, Yasmina Taha

Summer/Winter interns: Maya Kazamel, Ahmad Hilal, Shahd Omar, Ahmed Diaa, Mahmoud Fahmy, Ahmed El Leithi, Amina Salama