Pilot Project
Philips Passageway
Superblock: F. Sharif Superblock
Started: Jan 2014
Inaugurated: Jan 2015

Named after the Philips lighting shop that features prominently on the corner of Sharif and Adli Streets, the L-shaped Philips Passageway suffered from chronic, but typical, encroachment into the public domain by shops and street vendors.


CLUSTER’s re-design of the passageway, based on the concept of the ‘Light Oasis’, sought to improve accessibility, safety and lighting in the passageway.


The re-design introduced an entry marquee and film screening feature, offering an opportunity for diverse activities in the passageway mixing retail, food, entertainment and service.

Project credits:

Design and Implementation: CLUSTER

Concept: Kenneth Balfelt, Anne Marie Galmstrup, Aya Tarek, Ahmed Zaazaa

Civil engineering supervision: Eng. Atef Bassily

Sign Contractor: Oxygen Advertising

Supported by: DEDI and CKU

Additional support: Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre


Thanks to: Ahmed Ashmawy, Amin Abu Elenein, Girgis Abd El-Shahid, Sarwat Abd El-Shahid, Abdalziz Elgammal, Rafaat Elbagoury, Sarwat Elbagoury, Karim El Shafei, Ahmed Helmi, Khaled Al-Khamissi, Chris Mikaelian, Hratch “Mike” Mike Mikaelian


Special thanks to: Cairo Governorate Office of the Deputy

Governor, Abdeen District


*CLUSTER team:

Omar Nagati and Beth Stryker, Principals

CLUSTER staff: Ahmad Kadry, Eman Elhoufy, Hanaa Gad, Miran Mohamed, Mohamed Rafik, Noha Darwish, Randah El-Hakim, Salma Nassar, Yasmina Taha

Summer/Winter interns: Maya Kazamel, Ahmad Hilal, Shahd Omar, Ahmed Diaa, Mahmoud Fahmy, Ahmed El Leithi, Amina Salama