C5. Estoril Passageway
Superblock: C. Qasr Al-Nil Superblock
Genealogy: Historically planned as passageway
Morphology: 2 Entrances - straight perpendicular
Area: 361m2
Average Width: 5.5m
Length: 85m
Total number of premises: 13
Dominant activities: Travel and Tourism

Connecting Tal‘at Harb and Qasr al-Nil Streets, the Estoril Passageway played an important role during the 25th of January Revolution, as it was the back entrance for one of the numerous first aid stations set up in the streets. The passageway is colored by dozens of posters referring to the many events taking place Downtown. Besides the concentration of travel agencies on its ground floor level, the passageway also boasts one of the most well-known restaurants in Downtown: Estoril. This passageway is also known as al-Sharq Passasgeway, for al-Sharq Insurance company, whose Art Deco headquarters are on the north side.