D1. Tawfiq Doss Passageway (Gentlemen’s Alley)
Superblock: D. Tal'at Harb Superblock
Genealogy: Within a building property
Morphology: 2 Entrances - angle
Area: 134m2
Average Width: 1.25m
Length: 33m
Total number of premises: 10
Dominant activities: Retail

This quarter circle shaped passageway connecting Tal‘at Harb and 26th of July streets is nestled between the Doss Buildings, built in the Streamline Moderne style in 1935, and designed by the celebrated Egyptian architect Antoine Selim Nahas. It is informally called ‘Gentlemen’s Alley’ as the row of shops that have encroached upon the alleyway mainly offer men’s accessories and grooming products for sale: such as fancy lighters, cufflinks, cologne, beard trimmers, imported cigarettes, and body building supplements for the younger generation of men.