D15. Townhouse Passageway
Superblock: D. Tal'at Harb Superblock
Genealogy: Historically planned as passageway
Morphology: 2 Entrances - straight perpendicular
Area: 685m2
Total number of premises: 25
Dominant activities: Retail

Originally a part of al-Nabarawi Street, this passageway is known as a destination for cultural events at the Townhouse Gallery and performances at the Rawabet Theater, and for its popular Al-Tak‘iba Cafe. The alleyway, which connects Mahmud Basyuni and Ma‘ruf Streets, passes through the remnants of a small 19th century settlement built around the shrine of Sheikh Ma‘ruf by his adherents, apart from the larger Mamluk-era port town of Bulaq on the banks of the Nile. The shrine still exists a few blocks to the north. The settlement was eventually subsumed into the European Downtown.

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