Hewaya Art Center

Mission Statement

Hewaya Art Center located in Tara, Sheikh Zayed opened in 2008.

Art is the key to opening ones mind and Hewaya provides that key by offering a wide range of art programs to both children and adults.The Art Center aims at promoting art and  developing talent in a friendly atmosphere.


Hewaya Art Center boasts a wide range of activities that cover arts, an English language nursery , and sports.
Hewaya Art Center is a venue where adults, teens and kids can enjoy a wide range of the fine and performing arts ( ballet - drawing and painting - piano -guitar - hip hop - zumba ).


Hewaya Art Center is hosting Rizkallah ART Foundation, a "Play Play Play and Learn through ART" approach.

"Our aim is to develop children’s artistic skills, scientific thinking abilities as well as enhance the positive development of their characters ‘Character Building’
Adli Rizkallah Art for Children offers children from age 3 to 12 years old the opportunity to have fun, play and learn through ART. In our program, children learn values, ethics and skills through a number of entertaining activities including: Story Telling, Drawing, Arts and Crafts, Music, Drama, Origami, and Paper Sculpture. Rizkallah Art team applies the method developed and the books created by the artist Adli Rizkallah."


Hewaya English language nursery is open for children from 2 years age up to school age .
Hewaya sports covers football , gymnastics, and martial arts