Heritage Building
Immobilia Building
Superblock: E. Al-Shawarbi Superblock
Architect: Max Edrei & Gaston Rossi
Heritage status: num 3923191-343
Architecture style: Art Deco
Address: 26 Sherif Pasha St., 38 Qasr al-Nil St.
References : http://www.egy.com/landmarks/

Constructed between 1938-1940, and the tallest building in Cairo at that time, the Immobilia Building became the prime residential address of Cairo: housing such famous residents as Naguib el-Rihani, Mohammed Abdel Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez, and Kamelya. It was designed, in partnership with Max Edrei, by the famous Italian architect Gaston Rossi, who was also responsible for both the Metro cinemas in Alex and Cairo, the Qasr al-Nil Cinema, the Continental Hotel renovations, and the Automobile Club on Qasr al-Nil.
The Immobilia Building also witnessed the marriage of the actress Leila Mourad to the actor Anwar Wagdi, and it was in one of the building’s elevators that Naguib el-Rihani asked Leila Mourad to act in a movie with him before he dies. She replied saying she would be honored. The resulting film, Ghazal al-Banat, was their first and last movie together, however el-Rihani did not live to see its screening.