E. Al-Shawarbi Superblock
Delimitations: North: 26th July St.
South: Qasr al-Nil St.
East: Sharif Pasha St.
West: Tal'at Harb St.
Area: 78945m2
Total number of premises: 200
Dominant activities: Retail

Defined by Qasr al-Nil, Tal‘at Harb, 26th of July, and Sharif Pasha Streets, Superblock E is full of commercial activity. Whether on the main streets or inside the passageways, retail shops occupy most of the ground floor level. This superblock is home of al-Shawarbi Passageway, one of the most significant commercial spines in Downtown Cairo since the 1970s. The famous Immobilia Building, where many celebrities used to live in the middle of the twentieth century, is located at the superblock’s south-eastern tip.