B. Huda Sha'rawi Superblock
Delimitations: North: Muhammad Sabri Abu 'Alam St.
South: Abd al-Salam 'Arif St.
East: Sharif Pasha St.
West: Tal'at Harb St.
Area: 73796m2
Total number of premises: 61
Dominant activities: Retail

Superblock B is a relatively quiet residential block with several restaurants and cafes, such as Felfela, Café Riche, and Stella Bar, all located at the western end of the superblock. One of the popular restaurants in this block is Fasahet Somaya located in a passageway off of Yusif Al-Jindi Street. Fasahet Somaya is known for its home-cooked meals. This block is also known for including many antique shops, in addition to automobile agencies.