A. Al-Bursa Superblock
Delimitations: North: Qasr al-Nil St.
South: Muhammad Sabri Abu 'Alam St.
East: Sharif Pasha St.
West: Tal'at Harb sq.
Area: 45410m2
Total number of premises: 155
Dominant activities: Retail

Al-Bursa Superblock is named after the Stock Exchange building, which is located on Al-Sharifayn Passageway. Historically, the whole area of the superblock was one parcel of land. The apartment buildings on the block are situated on what used to be the palace and gardens of Qattawi Pasha, a leading figure in the development of Downtown Cairo in the early 20th century. A side street within the district was formerly named after him; Qattawi Pasha Street. In the early 1990s, the streets were formally pedestrianized. During the 25th of January Revolution, activists, journalists and artists sat in the many coffee shops on the block. In 2015, in an attempt to restore order to Downtown Cairo, the coffee shops without permits were shut down.


Mapping was last done in April 2015.