D. Tal'at Harb Superblock
Delimitations: North: Champollion St.
South: Mahmud Basyuni St.
East: Tal'at Harb St.
West: Champollion St.
Area: 96759m2
Total number of premises: 266
Dominant activities: Retail

Superblock D demonstrates a unique experience of coexistence. It has a mix of activities situated side by side, and reveals how art can help regenerate and revitalize otherwise deteriorated and dilapidated urban conditions. This superblock contains spaces such as the Townhouse Gallery, Rawabet Theater, Tak‘iba Coffee Shop, Qasr Halim (Halim Palace) and residential apartments. It also includes a number of famous movie theaters and hotels such as Cinema Radio, Cinema Odeon and Zawya. The iconic Yacoubian building sits at the north western edge, which is a different building than the one where The Yacoubian Building film was shot.